The cosponsorship application for 2019-20 will open in September.  Until then, if you want to get in touch to discuss an event, email

Need financial, logistical, and/or marketing support on your event?

Stanford Speakers Bureau serves student organizations and university departments. Large or small, we can make your event happen.

We can help you in one of two ways:


SSB provides cosponsorships of up to $1500 in honoraria/speaker fees only (i.e. no travel, lodging, etc. expenses). Factors that we consider include:

  • Speaker name
  • Expected attendance
  • Overall event budget
  • We also try to cosponsor a variety of events every year, so we love creative ideas!



Do you have a budding idea for an event?

Need help with finding a speaker, funding the event, advertising, etc.?

We can help with that!

In addition to a cosponsorship contribution, we would be happy to provide extended services from the day your application is accepted to the day of your event. We have experience and expertise in finding speakers, negotiating costs, paperwork, venue booking, advertising, event staffing, and more.

If this service is what you're looking for, fill out the application below! Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. If you need a decision in less time, email

Fill out the cosponsorship application (button to the left) and indicate that this is a partnership request. We'll reach out to you to follow up.